Flare for Mac $19.95
Frenzic for iPhone and iPod touch $0.99
Frenzic for Mac $9.95 / $14.95
PHP Function Index $8.50 / $16.50
TextureMagic $39.95
xScope $29.95

Why you should buy

When you buy a license this will enable certain features in the software and remove all shareware reminders. This will increase your productivity with the software significantly.

You will receive free technical support via e-mail, should you ever have problems with our software. And if we cannot help you solve your problems with our software, then...

We give you a full 30-days-money-back-guarantee: If you find out you don't want the software in the first 30 days after purchase we refund you your money, no questions asked.

Finally you will feed a Mac developer and his wife, two truly good people. This will give you good karma and a fuzzy warm feeling. :-)
Plus you enable us to continue working on the software you registered.